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Vette / May 2010

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A Little Boost, A Little Flow, And A Lot Of Power – East Coast Supercharging Adds Exhaust And Induction Parts To An ’09 ZR1 And Makes 722 RWHP

By Michael Galimi
Photography by the Author and East Coast Supercharging

IN 2009, Chevrolet unleashed the most powerful Corvette in the company’s storied history. The ZR1 package was revived, and with it came a nasty supercharged, LS-based engine dubbed the LS9. The ZR1 Vette is more than just a C6 with a 638 hp engine: GM went all-out with carbon-fiber components throughout and a massive Brembo braking system to slow it all down from the computer limited 205 mph top speed. It’s everything a Vette enthusiast needs to eliminate those pesky Vipers and Porsche 911s that prowl the local streets and tracks. The ZR1 is also credited for bashing the production-car record at the famous Nurburgring in Germany. The record was held by a Nissan GT-R, Which-allegedly-benefited from race-oriented tires and nonproduction rubber. But that’s another story for another day.

GM High-Tech Performance / November 2010

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East Coast Supercharging Gets Big Results From Its Fifth-Gen Camaro Supercharger System

By Michael Galimi
Photography by Courtesy Of East Coast Supercharging, Michael Galimi

In the past year GMHTP has jumped into the 2010 Camaro realm with both feet by showcasing some of the wildest project cars and going in-depth with technical stories on how to modify the latest muscle car from Chevy. Two of those technical articles covered supercharger upgrades on LS3/L99-equipped Camaros and in both instances we checked out a roots-style huffer (Magnusson TVS2300 and Edelbrock E-Force). This issue we are exploring something for the centrifugal blower crowd and headed over to East Coast Supercharging (Cream Ridge, New Jersey) to get the scoop on its new system. Corvette aficionados are probably very familiar with the company’s successful C5 and C6 supercharger setup, and it recently released a Camaro supercharger kit. The system is based around a Paxton NOVI 1500 centrifugal blower and is available for both the LS3 and L99 engines.