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Mail Order Tuning FAQ’s

What is the difference between your Mail Order and Street or Dyno Tunes at the shop?
The difference is that we do not go as aggressive as we could since we are not data logging. Also we cannot tell you if you have other issue’s with the car prior to tuning. For instance, if you have a M.A.F. that is completely covered with sludge, this will cause a lean condition, I will not know because I am working off of what should be a properly working vehicle. Or faulty O2 sensors, etc, etc, etc…

A data logged tune would let me see that and a proper repair can be made. It is not common for this to happen on cars that come to us here, but it does occasionally happen. So if you have a stock car that is not running correctly, chances are that the tune will not correct your problem.

How much HP will I gain from your tune?
We generally see a 10-15 rwhp gain, but that’s not really where the biggest gains are made. The largest gain on a stock car comes from what is no longer lost rather than what is gained. GM is great at taking away the power they gave us via torque management and so on. We let the car retain the power it is capable of making on a few levels, which is next to impossible to measure unlike a dyno pull.

Will a tune void my warranty?
The dealer is not capable of reading your PCM, it would take you breaking a couple of engines before someone there would want to have your pcm checked out. By that time you should have screamed at your tuner much earlier. It would then have to be shipped to GM where a tech there could break it down and read it. Either way we do not go anywhere near “on the edge” with these tunes as discussed earlier, so that would never be an issue.

Do you lock your tune?
NO! This is your car, you paid for the tune, you will not be permanently locked into doing business with us. We expect to earn our business every time we deal with someone, if you choose to not come back to us then we need to evaluate ourselves, not force you to come back. Plus that is how a dealer can know the car was tuned, when they cant get into the pcm either. That costs you the owner a nice chunk of change to replace the PCM, which I have scene several times now.

Can the car “lose it’s tune”?
No, the only way the tune can be “lost” is if the car is re flashed at that dealer. If you do need to go in for warranty or servicing, you need to make it very clear that you do not want the car re flashed. I would also tape over your data port and/or put a note in the car itself because the service writer doesn’t always remember to tell the tech.

What can I expect from this tune?
You can expect a gain in fuel economy of approximately 1-3 mpg, naturally a performance gain, automatics will get firmer/quicker shifts, fan temps lowered, torque management adjustments, crisper mid range power, any SES lights taken care of if you have had mods like headers installed, we can set the factory shift light if desired, remove the skip shift on six speeds, and adjustments for any other mod you have installed while at the show. Plus we can accommodate you if you have a particular custom need for your car, as long as we feel it can be properly handled.

Tuning Form
You must fill this form out and send it in with your PCM.

If you need directions on removing your PCM from the vehicle, please check our Installation Instructions link above.