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About Us

At East Coast Supercharging, LSx Performance is not just our business, it is our passion. ECS was founded to fill the void in the LSx performance shops. We strive every day to be the best in the business. ECS celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021.


From the moment you contact ECS, you’ll find us to be a little different. From our office manager, sales staff to the shop manager and technicians we all own and drive LSx powered vehicles. They are our passion, and this shows in our work.


ECS was founded by Doug Ring & Chris Coriell in 2000 to fulfill a need in the local performance market. Since then, we’ve developed a large number of LSx focused products to help your car go faster, stop quicker, and perform more reliably on the street or racetrack.


We’ve become very well known for our world famous, record setting supercharging systems, but are well versed in all other aspects of LSx Performance. From heads & cam packages to big cube motors, performance parts, drag racing & road race set up, sales, service, we have the experience  to make your driving experience everything you want it to be.

Doug Ring, Co-Owner / Lead Tuner

Doug is a long time tuner and technician who has a fever for anything fast. Doug started East Coast Supercharging numerous years ago with intentions on supercharging anything that he can get his hands on (From Mustangs to Jaguars). Joined by a good friend of his, Chris Coriell, together they brought East Coast Supercharging to world renown status. Doug currently owns two Corvettes:

98 Corvette Convertible, Fully built ECS 402 with a ECS Novi 2500 Supercharger, AFR 235 Heads, ECS Powerglide Conversion, 3.42 Gears, ECS Spool Kit, ECS Dry Sump, Pfadt Drag Pack suspension, ECS HD Driveshaft, Quick Time SFI Bell Housing, ECS 15in Spindle Kit, ECS Torque Tamer, ECS Half Shaft Safety Loops, ECS Manual Steering Rack, ECS Manual Brake Conversion, ECS Stage III Fuel System etc. This car still sees street duty on Cruise Nights and has run a low ET of 8.63 @ 158mph. (you’ll recognize the car by Doug’s license plates that reads “INTHE8S”).

2005 Corvette Road Race Car with an ECS built LS7 with forged internals, Vararam CAI, 160 Stat, LS7 Heads, an ECS Dry Sump System, a full cage, Pfadt Coil Over Suspension & Sways, ECS T56 Transmission, 3.42 Gears, ECS Trans Brace, ECS Spindle Ducts, Stoptech Brakes and Rotors, Goodyear Eagle Slicks CCW Corsair Wheels.

Chris Coriell, Co-Owner / Sales Manager

Chris comes from an extensive background of LSx knowledge, having owned a few LSx Corvettes. Chris teamed up with Doug in 2000, and since then they have raised the bar for almost every LSx record (From supercharged to N/A).

Chris has owned a vast array of Corvettes and Chevys as a whole (he still has his first car, a 79 Z28 tucked away in his garage). He has owned everything from a C4 Drag Car to a twin turbo C6 Z06. Chris just sold his 03 Z06 the mods included an ECS Head and Cam package, Kooks Headers with high Flow Cats, 3.90 gears with Hardened output shafts, Spec Twin Clutch, LPE Mini Tub Kit, ECS Trans /Rear Brace, Pfadt Coil Over suspension & Sway Bars, Vararam, ECS Seat Covers, MGW Shifter, VIS Carbon Fiber Hood, CCW SP 500 wheels with Nitto Invos. Look for Chris to have a new toy real soon.

Alex Fernandez, General Manager, Director of Product Development

Alex joined the team in 2011 after years of owning his own LSx vehicles. Alex studied at one of the top tuner school’s in the country and has brought us a fresh aspect on working on these vehicles. Alex runs the day to day operations of the company, overseeing the install shop and supercharger system production along with working alongside the sales and shipping departments.

Alex drives:

2001 Camaro Z28: Texas Speed and Performance 370ci LQ9 Longblock with PRC LS3 Heads fed by a Huron Speed single turbo system with a Turbonetics 78mm turbo, Alky Meth Injection and backed by a Mantic 9000 twin disc clutch. Car was built to be a street driven 1/2 mile car and has gone mid 10s in the 1/4 mile and traps 165mph in the standing half mile.

Fran Wiltshire, Office Manager

Franny has been a member of the ECS team since 2007. She has been taking care of the office duties, from answering phones to doing full bookkeeping for ECS. The biggest asset Franny has been an asset to our team, keeping us in line and having the proper paperwork filled out.

Franny drives a 2005 Corvette LS2; Vararam, 160 Stat, ECS Tune, Bassani Exhaust.



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These guys not only know Corvettes but know PEOPLE and how to explain and make you feel comfortable. They ARE Corvette guys too and always want to make everyone happy. A happy, satisfied customer is what makes any business tick. These guys are tops at making Corvettes perform better and by being sure everyone is having fun and feeling comfortable and satisfied.


 I am very impressed. Car feels stronger and shifts MUCH better. Just what I expected. I haven’t put very many miles on it since I got it back but right now I’m very happy!! I will post some more long term results after a few more miles and a mpg check. I would recommend them to anyone interested in a mail order tune!


I had ECS do a mail order tune for me after my header install. THIS IS A MUST FOR 99.00!! The difference is amazing in the shift points and the way the car runs. I highly recommend ECS for this tune. You will be very happy. 


I had my A4 done by Doug at Carlisle 2 years ago. It was a totally different car than the one I drove up there, when he got done with it. He changed the shift points, re-set both fans to come on at 200*, and whatever other voodoo he does. 


If you are considering having a mail order tune but just not sure about it…don’t wait any longer. This is the place to send it. I removed it just like Chris said, there is a little 7mm screw way up the inside of the fender next to the door he said makes it easy to remove without bracket breakage, and he was certainly right, also makes it a whole lot easier to see the rest of the 7mm screws holding everything in. It was out in less than 5 minutes. Just got it back and a total of 12 minutes from the time I sat down on the garage floor till I cranked it up. Done and what a difference. LT headers, X-pipe, CAI, and GHL Bullets round out my mods so far and this was the best small chunk of change I’ve spent ! Don’t delay, just do it, it’s worth it! The best mod I’ve made, especially for the buck. Big seat of the pants difference. Now, it runs like the sports car it truly is. I’m impressed. Especially with the A4 and the way it shifts now. Yes, you can really feel the difference. 


I have an ECS m/o tune. I’m right about 5000′. My fuel milage has gone up about 1.5mpg now. No detonation, no SES. I specifically asked about high altitude applications and felt it was important. I always thought altitude played a part in computer adjustments because of a difference in atmospheric pressure. 


 I finally got my PCM back in and tested everything out with the new headers. The car is a beast now! I was amazed at the difference (a buddy of mine was also). Anyone on the fence I would strongly suggest getting off and sending your PCM to ECS. They do great work. Thanks guys!! 


Got my PCM back today, only sent it out Monday afternoon…wow that was a quick turnaround! Thanks Doug


Hey Everyone: I’d like to vouch for Doug’s tunes…! I actually just sent an email to Chris at ECS about my car. I had the chance to drive my friend’s H/C ’01 C5 recently. Great car and it’s fast, but my car actually pulls harder on the bottom end. Part of that is the movement of the torque curve with his cam, but I know a lot of it is this tune as well. My buddy also drove my car and said, “I wouldn’t do anything else to this car,” as he knew I was thinking of putting in a H/C setup. The car is really that fast. All I’ve done to date is Kooks LT’s, a Vararam and Doug’s tune. Great job, Doug…! Rossi, Pittsburgh PA


I drove a from Long Island to south Jersey, a little less then 3 hours to have Doug street tune my 99 FRC on a day that they are closed. Doug did and a great job with my car and I am very happy with the results. The customer service is outstanding. I give ECS two thumbs, Thank you ECS.