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Dyno Services

A load bearing dyno is one of the most critical tools a tuner can have. ECS has one of the most technologically advanced dynos on the east coast here on site – The Dynapack Dyno System. The Dynapack hydraulic setup allows ECS to hold a car at any RPM and load setting for a specified time period and progressively tune the car at desired RPM ranges. Now ECS can set your air fuel mixture accurately at both low RPMs and at top speed without ever hitting the street. (although all dyno tunes incorporate both street and dyno testing unless specified) Coupled with the latest EFILive tuning software, ECS provides customers with one of the most accurate and efficient performance tunes that money can buy.

Additionally, Our Dyno is portable!!! Looking to have a dyno onsite at your clubs show or event? ECS can take the dyno on the road and provide tuning services at nearly any event. Some restrictions apply. Please call for details.

  • Dyno Pulls and tuning from $150 and up. (link to dyno info)