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ECS/NASA Press Release 4/21/12

April 21st, 2012 – Millville, NJ: We here at East Coast Supercharging LLC. are proud to support our NASA Road Racers in their respective classes today at New Jersey Motorsports Park. The weather turned out to be fantastic, with one of the largest turnouts that we have seen in years.

altPaul Plemenos, 2006 C6 Z06, debuted in the season opener in the NASA ST-1 class. This class is a very high paced class, with fast cars and rigorous competition. This class is based upon a Horsepower to Weight ratio of 5.5:1, and has additional weight penalties for tires, etc. Paul’s brand new ECS built 427ci performed flawlessly, coupled with his new Mantic 9000+ Twin Series Clutch Kit, Pfadt Aggressor 2 Package, and ARH 1 7/8″ Longtube Headers. The Thorne Valley Vineyards, sponsored team, did quite well this weekend placing 2nd in the ST-1 class earning Paul some new Hoosier shoes. Amongst gathering crucial data for suspension tuning and engine tuning, it was an overall great day for the TVV crew.alt

Benjamin Lesnak, 2001 C5 Corvette, debuted in the season opener in the NASA TTA class. Last year Ben was the TTB National Champion, so this year he stepped up to the TTA class to bring havoc to another set of drivers! The C5 Corvette needs to maintain a 8.7:1 overall Horsepower to Weight ratio, and is also restricted by tire/engine modifications. Ben was the fastest throughout practice, #1 qualifier, and then took home the victory in the TTA class earning himself some new shoes also. Ben is a hardcore racer, as you will see him toating his 8 tire trailer behind his Corvette, driving all over the country with his reliable, ECS built, 2001 Corvette featuring the new Mantic 7000+ Triple 7.25″ disc setup.

Congratulations to all NASA racers, and support staff for a fun, safe day of racing!

Rob Farley Wins LSx Rumble Challenge – Bradenton March 18th

Rob Farley has started the year off right this year. After fighting some rearend issues on Friday, we next day air’d down to Rob an ECS Spool Kit and some spider gears. With help from Tracy Lewis, Rob was able to run on Saturday’s qualifying, in which he took home the finals win on Sunday!

Congrats to Rob for over a .200 margin of victory.

ECS Track Day – Thunderbolt @ NJMP 4/13/12

ECS is proud to be paired up again with Hooked on Driving to put together a great day on track for another season!

All run groups are available at this time, and instructors will be needed, so whether you are a seasoned pro or this is your first time, come on out and see how well your car can handle on track. Race car to daily driver, all are welcome to enjoy the day.

There is a discount for signing up through the link below, so be sure to take advantage of that. alt

Hooked on Driving Track Day

For those who have not been on track for an ECS/Hooked on driving event, feel free to call or email us with any questions you have. There will be a nice lunch provided, and the track is ran quite well. There is plenty of track time for every run group, so expect to home tired!

Instructors are also provided for all beginner run group drivers at no additional charge.

We hope to see many of you there!!!

GM High-Tech Performance / November 2011

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Sleep On This – ECS Builds A Sleeper Fifth-Gen With Over 1,000 RWHP And Perfect Street Manners

By Scott Parker
Photography by the Author

George Abad isn’t one for colorful lights, wild body kits, shiny rims, or any other means to draw your attention. Instead, he enjoys sneaking up on unsuspecting targets like a panther wrapped in a ’10 Camaro, which is why the 42-year-old Wholesale Grocer from Carlstadt, New Jersey, commissioned the crew at East Coast Supercharging to build him just such an animal. Once again ECS used one of its winning formulas to put together a streetable package worthy of its “Hardcore Edition” badges with over 1,000 rear-wheel horsepower. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, Abad’s Camaro accomplished this task using pump gas and methanol injection just as he plans to use on the many street miles he has ahead in the Jewel Red 2SS.

GM High-Tech Performance / September 2011

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Jay McCardle’s 8-Second ’97 Corvette – The Fastest C5 You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

by Justin Cesler
Photography by Mike Galimi

Unless you run with the right crowd in the northeastern part of the United States or happen to follow supercharged Corvette records very closely, you’ve probably never heard of a guy from Stewertstown, Pennsylvania, named Jay McCardle … although we’re pretty sure that is all about to change. You see, Jay isn’t one of those Internet superstars who thrives on making the latest and greatest whiz-bang post, nor is he one to go out of his way to promote his accomplishments just to hear people tell him how awesome he is. Truth be told, we’re not even sure Jay liked talking to us on the phone about his gorgeous Corvette (he was actually loading it in the trailer to go race while we were talking), but after seeing it run race after race, year after year with the wheels up and the e.t.’s falling, we just couldn’t let the story of his nasty C5 go untold for any longer.

GM High-Tech Performance / April 2010

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Long Live The Goat – The Fastest IRS GTO In The Country And The Friends It Made Along The Way

By Justin Cesler
Photography by Scott Parker

Like most things in life, Frank Beck’s story starts off innocently enough, “I bought this car brand new and it was supposed to be a daily driver. Once we reached 3,000 miles we started taking it to the track, my wife would bring the drag radials in the back of her Range Rover and we would bracket race it. We were just excited to meet other GTO owners at the track who shared the same passion for drag racing and for the car. The first year, our personal best was a 13.40 at 116 mph.” And while some may be satisfied with that, Frank told us that the first year was just a tease, infecting him and his family with what would turn out to be an all-consuming GTO speed addiction. An addiction that would not only end up changing the “face of late-model GTO racing, but one that would build a career, a great group of friends, and a killer shop in the process.

Vette / September 2011

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Street Wise – East Coast Supercharging Unleashes A 1,070-RWHP Package For The Hard-Core Street Enthusiast

By Michael Galimi
Photography by the Author and East Coast Supercharging

One thousand horsepower at the wheels—just saying it conveys a feeling of superiority. It’s even more menacing when that same Corvette makes that much power and still carries the label of street car. Don’t cry foul just yet, because thanks to modern technology, LS-powered Vettes are now capable of cracking the magical 1,000 rwhp barrier, cruising the streets, and gulping down premium pump fuel. If you don’t believe us, just call East Coast Supercharging (ECS) in Cream Ridge, New Jersey, and it will be more than happy to prove the point many times over. We got the lowdown on two C6 Z06 rides that were recently completed for a couple of customers who wanted a no-compromise combination that could take on all challengers. ECS tore into the cars and performed what is unofficially known as the Hardcore package.