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Shop Services

GM High Tech Performance called East Coast Supercharging “One of the premier LS-based supercharging shops in the county” (4/2010 pg 17) “One of the most reputable shops along the Atlantic Shoreline” (10/2005 pg 63) and “The C5 and C6 Corvette experts” (5/2009) . Our Builds have been published numerous magazines from around the world, including: Vette, Corvette Fever, Corvette Enthusiast, GM High Tech Performance, Corvette Magazine, Chevy High Performance, Super Chevy, Top Performance Automobile, Fastest Street Car Magazine and more. But more importantly, East Coast Supercharging is a full service LSx shop. From basic maintenance, like fluid changes, brake service and clutch swaps to all out, purpose built track cars, you can trust ECS for all your service needs.

Like you, we are enthusiasts. We care about how your car is treated while its here, and the results you see after leaving. We’ve tested and compared hundreds of products on our own cars, so we know what works and can help you resolve nagging issues as well as add some more power along the way.

Some of our basic services are listed below. If you don’t see a needed service listed, or need guidance on resolving any issue with your car, don’t hesitate to call us at the shop to discuss your options.

Cooling Systems & Upgrades

Loosing your cool? ECS has a number of proven solutions to help you keep your cool, no matter if its on the street or race track. From oil cooler and radiator combinations to auxiliary coolers for the trans and rear end, ECS can help you keep it cool. Click here to see some of our custom cooling solutions, or give us a call to see how we might be able to help.

Head & Cam Packages, & Big Cube Motors

Yes we do naturally aspirated builds!!! In fact ECS the first to crack the 500 rwhp mark with a stock bottom Heads and Cam combination and one of the first to crack 600 rwhp with a NA 447 ci back in 2004. From the most basic cam package, to an all out race prepped motor ECS only uses the most proven parts to ensure reliability and power. Click here to see some of our proven NA combinations.

Supercharger & Turbo Installs

As our name implies, we know boost. We have built and tuned thousands of supercharged and turbo cars, many that hold records in their respective categories. No matter what type of induction you’re considering ECS can help provide a powerful and reliable combination. From the factory ZR1 to any of the aftermarket systems we have the experience to help guide you into a reliable combination.

ECS Supercharged Packages

Performance Packages

ECS has assembled thousands of custom performance packages from all out blown race builds to well mannered, yet powerful streetcars. No matter your direction ECS can custom tailor package to suit your driving style and performance goals. Want a 9, 10, 11 second street car? ECS can help get you there. See our performance packages for the Camaro and Corvettes here **ECS Performance Packages**. If you need putting together a custom combination, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.


All tuning at ECS is performed personally by co owner, Doug Ring. Doug has tuned literally thousands of LSx based cars that range from stock and basic bolt on cars, to 1000+ rwhp turbo and supercharged builds. Having tuned many, many record setting cars, Doug has the knowledge and experience to fine tune your car into a smooth and powerful combination. Doug also performs hundreds of mail order tunes each year… for more info on mail order tunes, click here.

  • Street tunes from $399
  • Dyno tuning from $549
  • Mail order Tunes from $149

Dyno Services

A load bearing dyno is one of the most critical tools a tuner can have. ECS has one of the most technologically advanced dynos on the east coast here on site – The Dynapack Dyno System. The Dynapack hydraulic setup allows ECS to hold a car at any RPM and load setting for a specified time period and progressively tune the car at desired RPM ranges. Now ECS can set your air fuel mixture accurately at both low RPMs and at top speed without ever hitting the street. (although all dyno tunes incorporate both street and dyno testing unless specified) Coupled with the latest EFILive tuning software, ECS provides customers with one of the most accurate and efficient performance tunes that money can buy.

Additionally, Our Dyno is portable!!! Looking to have a dyno onsite at your clubs show or event? ECS can take the dyno on the road and provide tuning services at nearly any event. Some restrictions apply. Please call for details.

  • Dyno Pulls and tuning from $150 and up. (link to dyno info)

Clutch Installs

ECS sells and installs many clutches over the course of the year. We have experience with all the major brands and can help you pick the right combination tailored to your driving style and hp needs. We carry most of the major brands. See out Clutch page (link) for some of your options. If you don’t see the specic brand you’re looking for, give us a call.

Rear Gear Replacements & Upgrades

ECS is one of the only tuners who hand builds rear carriers in house. Why? Quality Control. Many shops will sell you a used carrier with, who knows how many miles and what kind of prior abuse. Not here. At ECS we only use the best materials and parts. Micro polished gearsets, hardened shafts, new seals, reassembled in your own carrier. No questionable parts, set up by hand and guaranteed.