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Jay M. – 1997 Corvette Coupe

Current Supercharged Corvette Low ET Record Holder!

Jays 1997 Corvette Coupe is an ECS Showpiece. This 1997 coupe has run a low et of 8.46@155mph, making it the world’s fastest supercharged Late Model Corvette. He has a host of ECS goodies, starting with a ECS forged stock cube LS2 (364ci) with Manley Forged Pistons, R&R billet rods, A Callies Crank, AFR Heads and topped with an ECS Novi 2500 Supercharger system pushing about 20lbs of boost! Supported by a host of other goodies such as a ECS Stage III fuel system, ECS HD Driveshaft, an ECS Powerglide Kit, ECS 15in Drag Spindles, ECS Half Shaft Safety Loops, ECS Spool Kit, ECS Manual Steering Rack, ECS Alternator Relocation Kit, ECS Manual Brake Conversion and A complete Pfadt Drag Suspension, Jay has gone round after round in competition to prove he’s the fastest of the fast.

Jay Makes somewhere in the neighborhood of 1000hp, and also holds a record for the lowest 60’ time at an amazing 1.20.

Artie C. – 2008 LS3 Automatic (A6)

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Artie has a 2008 Corvette with a factory LS3 and a stock A6 transmission that has run a best ET of 10.00@138.30! Artie runs a proven, and relatively basic combination. An ECS Novi 1500 Supercharger System, ECS Alky Control System and a set of American Racing Headers.

610 RWHP

Jim H. – 2003 Corvette Coupe

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This is one bad ride! Jim is the owner of a 2003 Corvette with a fully built motor and A4 Trans that makes more than 840 HP – to the tire!!! That’s over 960 to the crank!!! All from a stock cube LS2 with forged Manley Pistons, the ECS Small Blower Camshaft, Manley Forged Rods and a stock crank. Jims car also has an ECS Stage II fuel system, American Racing Headers and a fully built 3.42 gear. Body mods include a Motor City Mold hood and a RPI rear spoiler, and the car was lowered on Pfadt Coil Over suspension with Chrome C6 Z replica wheels and body matched calipers.  

846 RWHP / 700 RWTQ

Joel R. – 2008 Z06

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Joel has a blacked out 2008 C6 Z06 with an ECS Paxton Novi 1500 and American Racing Headers with High Flow Cats! Joel monitors boost and fuel pressure with an ECS installed Autometer Dual gauge pod. This Z06 makes a restricted 615rwhp/615rwtq! This is one of the cleanest Zs you’ll see. 

615 RWHP / 615 RWTQ

Dr B. – Naturally Aspirated Z

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This is one of two Z06’s built by ECS for Dr B! This one makes a naturally aspirated 545rwhp with 540 rwtq with the help of an Katech Torker LS7 Cam package with American Racing Headers and a K&N cold air intake. If you want you LS7 to sound and feel like an old school big block, this is your package! The car drives great with little to no loss in low end power or driveability, but with substantial gains all across the RPM range. This car is a great compliment to Dr. B’s Blown C6 Z!

545 RWHP / 540 RWTQ 

Dr B. – Supercharged Z

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Dr B’s second Corvette is a 2007 Z06 with an ECS Novi 1500 supercharging system. This Z06 puts down 612 RWHP and 609 RWTQ. Talk about an awesome combination of Z06’s! Rumor has it that a third Z06 is in the works for 2011.

612 RWHP / 609 RWTQ

Bill M.

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555RWHP / 535RWTQ

  • Zero mile GM LS7 7.0L crate motor – stock internals – 24t reluctor wheel
  • Katech Torquer Cam
  • Katech CF Valve Covers
  • Milled heads .030
  • FAST 102mm intake ported by Tommy at ECS
  • Custom Dry Sump with Aviaid tank
  • ECS battery relocation kit
  • ARH 1 7/8″ headers w/high flow cats
  • Dewitts Radiator with Engine Oil Cooler
  • GHL Bullet Exhaust
  • Custom Fender Badges
  • ECS Street/Dyno Tune
  • ACP Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Carrvaggio Rear Spoiler
  • RPS Carbon Twin Lite Clutch
  • ECS Built MN12 trans
  • ECS Trans / Rear Brace
  • 3.90 gears with hardened shafts
  • RSD Short Shifter
  • Pfadt Coilovers and T1 Swaybars
  • C6Z Brake Kit w/stainless lines
  • CCW Corsair Wheels

CJ Law – 2002 Corvette Z06

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Charlie drives his a 2002 Corvette Z06 with ECS Stage II Package daily on his way to and from his law office. This package consists of a Vararam Cold Air Intake, Kooks Long Tube Headers and 160 degree thermostat. Charlie has also added a shorty antenna, a C6Z06 Shifter and an iPod dock.

Mike M. – 1999 FRC Corvette

Mikes 1999 Corvette consists of an ECS Head and Cam Package with Trick Flow 215 heads, an ECS “Big NA”

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Camshaft, a Vararam CAI, Granatelli Air Bridge, and RPS Street Twin Clutch, an Elite engineering Catch Can, American Racing Headers with cats, a GHL Cat Back, an ECS trans/Rear Brace and a fully built ECS Rear with 3.90 gears. This FRC makes 478RWP and is capable of 10second quarter mile times!!!!

  • ECS Head and Cam Package

Ed K. – 2008 LS3

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Ed’s 2008 6 Speed Coupe is the former C6 Head and Cam record holder! This Beautiful LS3 car features ECS Head and Cam Package with the ECS Devil Camshaft. This LS3 makes  525 RWHP / 490RWTQ!!! It has run a best quarter mile of 10.66@132mph! This nasty, naturally aspirated monster  TEA ported Heads, ECS “DVL” Cam, Manley Dual Springs, C5R Timing Chain, LG Pro Longtube Headers, 3.90 Gears, hardened output shafts, a Spec 2 Clutch, A Vararam CAI and Bilstien Sport Shocks! What a beast!!!!

  • ECS H&C Package