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PCM Tuning

ECS is one of the premier LSx tuners in the country. We’ve tuned thousands of cars and trucks with a myriad of modifications from basic bolt on like cold air intakes and high flow exhausts to wild big cube combinations with superchargers and turbos. So, whatever your combination is, we can help get your car dialed in!

State of the art technology gives ECS a substantial edge. We use the latest tuning software from EFI Live and HP tuners to dial your vehicle in so it has a steady idle, crisp throttle response, and yields greater power and torque across the entire RPM range.  We invested heavily in a one of the most unique and technically sophisticated chassis dynos available, the DynaPack. Our Dynapack is a true load-brake dyno – just like the best engine dynos. Since we have real hydraulic load brakes, we allow you to perform tests that simple inertia-dynos are incapable of. This provides unprecedented control over the vehicle with a precision that has to be seen to be believed.

The modular design of our Dynapack also means it is portable and transported to major shows and car gatherings around the country. (Call the shop to find out more about having ECS tune on-site at your car show or event!)

Every ECS performance package includes tuning to ensure your car performs the way it should. But if you’ve decided to take on your own project or want us to fine tune prior modifications we are happy to help.


ECS Tune Pricing

Modifications Pricing
Cars with Stock Internals $549
Cam Only Cars $649
Heads and Cam Cars $649
Naturally Aspirated Speed Density Dynotune $699
Forced Induction MAF Dynotune $749
Forced Induction Speed Density Dynotune $799

Pricing may vary if your car requires additional work, repair or modifications to ensure proper calibration. All cars coming in for tuning should be sound and properly set up to be able to handle the loads that dyno testing applies. Any vehicle that will be street tuned must have accompanying registration and insurance and license plates. Please note all Forced Induction Speed Density cars will need the proper MAP sensor installed for the application (This is additional to the above pricing).

Mail Order Tuning

Live half way across the county, or across the globe but still want an ECS tune? No Problem. ECS offers mail order tunes at reasonable pricing. Given our vast experience tuning thousands of unique combinations, ECS can tweak your tune to fit your bolt on modifications quickly and easily. Mail Order tunes are perfect if you’ve installed bolt on modifications such as cold air intakes, headers, new gear ratios or torque converters. ECS will use EFI Live software to recalibrate your pcm on our bench to correct idle and driveabily issues, correct check engine lights and, best of all, help you get the most from your modifications so your car runs smoother, shifts quicker and performs at its peak.

Our Mail order tunes are generally turned around within 24hrs of your PCM’s arrival to ECS. Pricing includes ground shipping back to your location. Expedited shipping is available at additional cost. Please be sure to include a ECS Tuning Information Sheet, and include it with your PCM, and ship to:

East Coast Supercharging
Mail Order Tunes
562 Rt. 539
Cream Ridge, NJ 08514
phone: 609-752-0321