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Bill M.

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555RWHP / 535RWTQ

  • Zero mile GM LS7 7.0L crate motor – stock internals – 24t reluctor wheel
  • Katech Torquer Cam
  • Katech CF Valve Covers
  • Milled heads .030
  • FAST 102mm intake ported by Tommy at ECS
  • Custom Dry Sump with Aviaid tank
  • ECS battery relocation kit
  • ARH 1 7/8″ headers w/high flow cats
  • Dewitts Radiator with Engine Oil Cooler
  • GHL Bullet Exhaust
  • Custom Fender Badges
  • ECS Street/Dyno Tune
  • ACP Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Carrvaggio Rear Spoiler
  • RPS Carbon Twin Lite Clutch
  • ECS Built MN12 trans
  • ECS Trans / Rear Brace
  • 3.90 gears with hardened shafts
  • RSD Short Shifter
  • Pfadt Coilovers and T1 Swaybars
  • C6Z Brake Kit w/stainless lines
  • CCW Corsair Wheels

Bill’s thoughts on the Build: There is no need for a car like this. Just walking up to the car makes my heart race at the simple thought of taking it for a drive. I am still breaking it in for about 500 miles, then I will get an oil change and be able to get on it for real. But just shifting between 4&5k rpm, it’s seriously fast, faster than an E60 M5 by quite a bit, don’t ask how I know. And with all the torque available it’s fun no matter what your gear or speed happens to be at the time you hit the throttle. It makes my old 471rwhp H/C setup feel like a 4-banger!

It can be driven at 55mph in 6th gear smooth as stock with no bucking or surging. Which is important since I drive this car every nice day, putting over 10k miles/year on it. Only slight negative would be that it seems to get about 4-5mpg less on the highway than my H/C 346ci… but such are the trade-off to commute to work in something like this. I’m seeing 22mpg on average for highway cruising.

And the sound… the sound is indescribable. Some have said Nascar, I think it’s pretty damn close to an actual C5-R with the Db level dropped just a bit. I am loving the GHL catback, not only sounds better than Stingers, but actually has no drone. Even with the 427 and no partition in place, the cabin is a quiet place to listen to music or have a conversation at cruising speeds.

I also had ECS install a Dewitts radiator and oil cooler. Now I have 555rwhp and cooler oil temps than with my old motor.

Lastly, I cannot say enough about the work done by Chris, Doug, Mike, Tommy, Rob and everybody else at ECS. This was a very custom project, but does not look or drive like one. Under the hood (Aviaid dry sump tank) and in the trunk (custom battery box) you would simply assume it came this way from GM. Everything is neat and tidy and exactly how a perfectionist like myself would demand it be done. They have also been excellent with communication and advice during the 6 weeks this project has been taking place. And to be fair, 3 of those were waiting for dry sump parts (well worth the wait, thanks Aviaid). It’s easy to be impatient while you are without your car, but considering the quality of work that was done, it is phenomenal they were able to turn this around as quickly as they did. Thanks again ECS for building me my dream car!