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ECS/NASA Press Release 4/21/12

April 21st, 2012 – Millville, NJ: We here at East Coast Supercharging LLC. are proud to support our NASA Road Racers in their respective classes today at New Jersey Motorsports Park. The weather turned out to be fantastic, with one of the largest turnouts that we have seen in years.

altPaul Plemenos, 2006 C6 Z06, debuted in the season opener in the NASA ST-1 class. This class is a very high paced class, with fast cars and rigorous competition. This class is based upon a Horsepower to Weight ratio of 5.5:1, and has additional weight penalties for tires, etc. Paul’s brand new ECS built 427ci performed flawlessly, coupled with his new Mantic 9000+ Twin Series Clutch Kit, Pfadt Aggressor 2 Package, and ARH 1 7/8″ Longtube Headers. The Thorne Valley Vineyards, sponsored team, did quite well this weekend placing 2nd in the ST-1 class earning Paul some new Hoosier shoes. Amongst gathering crucial data for suspension tuning and engine tuning, it was an overall great day for the TVV crew.alt

Benjamin Lesnak, 2001 C5 Corvette, debuted in the season opener in the NASA TTA class. Last year Ben was the TTB National Champion, so this year he stepped up to the TTA class to bring havoc to another set of drivers! The C5 Corvette needs to maintain a 8.7:1 overall Horsepower to Weight ratio, and is also restricted by tire/engine modifications. Ben was the fastest throughout practice, #1 qualifier, and then took home the victory in the TTA class earning himself some new shoes also. Ben is a hardcore racer, as you will see him toating his 8 tire trailer behind his Corvette, driving all over the country with his reliable, ECS built, 2001 Corvette featuring the new Mantic 7000+ Triple 7.25″ disc setup.

Congratulations to all NASA racers, and support staff for a fun, safe day of racing!