ECS LT1/LT4 C7 Oil Distribution Block -4 Supply -8 Return



ECS LT1/LT4 Oil Distribution Block -4 Supply -8 Return ECS-500-210

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This oil distribution block was fully designed and developed in-house to fill a need in the market for a simple and effective way to supply and return oil to your supercharger or turbo (s) and back to the engine. The days of drilling and tapping your oil pan or having to mess with multiple adapters to for oil supply are over. Our system utilizes factory oil supply and return ports that are used in other GM applications but are blocked off in the LT1 and LT4 blocks.

The ECS oil distribution block is CNC machined out of T6061 aluminum and black anodized for excellent durability and performance. The oil block features an oil supply -6 AN ORB port and comes supplied with a -6 AN ORB to -4 AN fitting.

On the return side, the oil block features a large -10 AN ORB port able to support twin turbo draining and was engineered to maximize the oil capacity so that the aerated oil can easily drain back into the crank case. The ECS oil distribution block can be configured with two choices of drain fittings:


For centrifugal supercharger applications such as the ECS NOVI 2200HD, 2200R, 2200X and Vortech YSi, V15, V17 oil fed units, we recommend block PN: ECS-500-210 that comes with a -10 AN ORB to -8 AN return fitting.


For large or twin turbocharger applications, we recommend block PN: ECS-500-211 that comes with a -10 ORB to -10 AN return fitting.

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