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ECS Supercharger Kits

Since 2000, East Coast Supercharging has been an innovator in supercharging the GM LSX platform. From designing the most versatile “turn-key” supercharger systems in the market, to engineering innovative products to help resolve common supercharging issues, ECS always strives to help performance enthusiasts get the most from your forced induction application.
As a result, ECS has garnered a strong reputation as the leader in forced induction, and built a large number of record setting cars to back it up. Their achievements can be found in any number of automotive magazines, although the greatest satisfaction comes with putting together custom tailored packages that perfectly suit your driving style and power goals.
This is the system that started the revolution.  It holds every record supercharged record for 97-04 Corvettes.  The Fastest Stock bottom end LS1 & LS6; The Fastest Stock Cube C5; The Fastest Supercharged Late Model Corvette; All run the ECS Paxton Supercharging System.