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About Us

At East Coast Supercharging, LSx performance is not just our business, it is our passion. ECS was founded to fill the void in the LSx performance shops. We strive every day to be the best in the business. ECS celebrated its 22nd anniversary in 2023.
ECS was founded by Doug Ring and Chris Coriell in 2000 to fulfill a need in the local performance market. Since then, ECS has developed a large number of LSx focused products to help your car go faster, stop quicker and perform more reliably on the street or racetrack.
We’ve become very well known for our world famous, record-setting supercharging systems, but are well versed in all other aspects of LSx performance. We have the knowledge and expertise to make your driving experience everything you want it to be—from heads and cam packages to big cube motors, performance parts, drag racing and road race set up, sales and service.

Doug Ring, Co-Owner / Lead Tuner

Doug is a long-time tuner and technician who has a fever for anything fast. Doug started East Coast Supercharging 22 years ago with intentions on supercharging anything that he can get his hands on from Mustangs to Jaguars. Joined by a good friend of his, Chris Coriell, together they brought East Coast Supercharging to world-renown status.

Chris Coriell, Co-Owner / Sales Manager

Chris comes from an extensive background of LSx knowledge, having owned a few LSx Corvettes. Chris teamed up with Doug in 2000, and since then they have raised the bar for almost every LSx record from supercharged to N/A. Chris has owned a vast array of Corvettes and Chevys as a whole. He still has his first car, a ’79 Z28, tucked away in his garage. He has owned everything from a C4 Drag Car to a twin turbo C6 Z06.

Alex Fernandez, General Manager, Director of Product Development

Alex joined the team in 2011 after years of owning his own LSx vehicles. Alex studied at one of the top tuner schools in the country and has brought us a fresh aspect on working on these vehicles. Alex runs the day-to-day operations of the company, overseeing the install shop and supercharger system production along with working alongside the sales and shipping departments. Most recently, he also leads the design, development and production of the many products made at the shop.

Fran Wiltshire, Office Manager

Franny has been a member of the ECS team since 2007. She has been taking care of the office duties, from answering phones to managing all of the bookkeeping for ECS. Franny is a tremendous asset to our team, keeping us in line and having the proper paperwork filled out.

Passion. Pride. Power.

Welcome to East Coast Supercharging (ECS), one of the nation’s premier GM performance centers. ECS is the manufacturer of the highest quality supercharging systems for your late-model Corvette and Camaro.

We pride ourselves on quality, workmanship and proven powerful results. From ECS’ state-of-the-art tuning to our premium parts selection, we can help you build a package that suits your driving style and power goals.

Please look around our website at the options we have available, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

Check out some of our work.

ECS Tech Support

Have an ECS kit or looking to purchase a used kit and need some parts or tech assistance?

Take a look at our tech support links below. We have resources for installations on all our kits, supercharger belt and pulley guide along with all kit replacement components and upgrade kits.


ECS Installation Instructions

ECS Belt and Pulley Guide

Novi Impeller Speed Calculator: V2/V3= 1500 V1/V7=2200

ECS Belt Install Video

ECS Supercharger Kit Parts

ECS PCM Tuning

Contact ECS Tech Support

Shop Services

GM High Tech Performance called East Coast Supercharging “One of the premier LS-based supercharging shops in the county” (4/2010 pg 17) “One of the most reputable shops along the Atlantic Shoreline” (10/2005 pg 63) and “The C5 and C6 Corvette experts” (5/2009) . Our Builds have been published numerous magazines from around the world, including: Vette, Corvette Fever, Corvette Enthusiast, GM High Tech Performance, Corvette Magazine, Chevy High Performance, Super Chevy, Top Performance Automobile, Fastest Street Car Magazine and more. But more importantly, East Coast Supercharging is a full service LSx shop. From basic maintenance, like fluid changes, brake service and clutch swaps to all out, purpose built track cars, you can trust ECS for all your service needs.

Like you, we are enthusiasts. We care about how your car is treated while its here, and the results you see after leaving. We’ve tested and compared hundreds of products on our own cars, so we know what works and can help you resolve nagging issues as well as add some more power along the way.

Some of our basic services are listed below. If you don’t see a needed service listed, or need guidance on resolving any issue with your car, don’t hesitate to call us at the shop to discuss your options.